Maintaining Me Week 7 >>>

New Ideas

Welcome to Week 7 of Maintaining Me where the focus is on New Ideas.

Hopefully you found last week’s talk on Resilience engaging and learned about developing resilience in your life. Remember if you missed it or the Budgeting talk, recordings are available on sharepoint in the All Staff folder.

Personal trainer Dave McCabe has provided another short video (link below) with a routine to help you stay on top of your fitness goals.


For our penultimate week, instead of being provided with suggestions for podcasts or books etc., your challenge is to suggest something that you found useful in helping you to maintain you whether that be physically or mentally. We’d like you to suggest something that others could access or adopt themselves that might be beneficial to them also and perhaps something they didn’t think of. 

Send Willie a private message or email with whatever you’d like to suggest and we’ll provide everyone with a list of the suggestions. Your name will not be shared; just your suggestion so no one will know it came from you – unless you’d like people to know of course.

So that’s all you’re challenged to do this week – just share what works for you. In this way we learn from each other and maybe it will start some conversations.